Buddy II is an rov,

Temp description as per http://eds.dyndns.org:81/~ircjunk/robots/robots.html

Buddy II
Buddy II is an implementation of buddy I able to carry batteries and its own onboard computer. The idea is to have a webcam streaming video and status monitoring, and control over an 802.11 connection. conputer on robot side runs linux of course.

HERE is buddy II'd video window, and an irc controllable set of lights

HERE we have the assembly of buddy II thus far

otherwise, this is what exists of the design of buddy II:

Parts Collection:
- K7-500 on a K7M motherboard

{ I forgot to take a picture }

- 2 x 108VDC motors

- 2 x sunbeam gearboxes (slight final mods needed)

this next photo shows it apart, which is really just a way to cover up thr fact I found out it dosn't fit togethor right (need some filing)

- 2 x 6" lawnmower wheels

- 1 Caster wheel

- 1 webcam (will be replaced with videocamera/capture card when proven out)

- colour video camera

{ I didn't even think of taking a picture }

- 1 10/100 pci ethernet card (will be used until operation proven out)

{ tell me you dont really want a picture of that now... }

- 2 250W inverters awating modification to become HV motor drivers

- signal transistors to modify inverters

{ imaging picture of a to-92 transistor here }

- PC supply modified to run on 160VDC instead of the normal 320VDC

WWaiting for:
* modified gear boxes (1 done, 1 at 98% complete)
* inverter modifications
* design for computer/PWM interface
    * software for I2C controlled pwm for Atmel Tiny13
    * linux software bits

- things to finish up on drive train.
- need to make up software for control connection
   - C serverside
   - Python clientside

Rue Nahc Mohr.