How Not to Make a ROBOT

Gather a large pile of cardboard, and some scisors, and a pen, and a ruler, and a gluegun, and some cardboard, and a ruler.

Flatten out the cardboard, use a cat to weigh down any bits that insist on not being flat, but use with cuation, some cats may pick and and chew the corners.

  Get a piece of planning paper, or layout paper if you must.

What step was I on?)
Draw a circle, after marking a center, then draw another, but not before drawing another, make them all bigger than the last one, and smaller than the next one. Get a cat to sniff the circles to ensure their correct, again, use the right cat is critical as some cats may sit in teh circle, which is not the disired function of this operation.

Cut some strips of cardboard.

Another step)
Make thin little round bits, mae sure the outside is the size of the circle and the inside is a little small than the outside, but not as small as the last outside, otherwise it will be inside out.

Some other step)
Oh no, repeat image, nevermind.

Same step, but later)
Finish the circle.

Make another one, but maybe make it like an I beam, just cause its bigger and needs more strength and stuff maybe kinda sorta.

Repeat whatever that last step was.

5 maybe, who is supposed to be counting?)
uh... what was this... oh right, the... I mean, that is, get some copper wire there to make some pins from.

Step 2 maybe?)
Put in the pins, to do this you need to make holes, I suppose making holes should have been teh last step, too late now!

Isn't this is same im.... oh right, blob a ....blob of glue on there to hold it in place. oh wait I forgot to make making the pins a step, bah...

Wait a sec, this is the same image agian!

Do that pin thing again, do the pins at 90 degrees apart to get the rights ring.

Set it up and take a pic, wait I forgot to paint it, drat, ok, well pretend this is the step after and that the step before was paint, then change all the step numbers to get rid of that duplicate step back there.

Build another one, I don't know why but I know the more you do the better you will get at it, whatever it is. and remember, dont spend good money on projects your just using to get experiance, use the tarnished money or the stuff thats dirty, if its too dirty run it though teh wash with some jeans, but dont tell any one you laundered the money, apparently that gets ya in trouble.