Parallel Port Stuff

Well, Its been requested that I put in some info on parallel ports, how to tap into their endess uses, their infinite power, their... well, I'll stop while I'm a head...HA!

port pinout

Here's a picture that's really got quality,

Now I'd caution you that most of the parallel ports on computers today are built onto the board, so I suggest that you go out and buy an old card with a parallel port on it, that way if ya blow 'er its not gonna cost ya more than about $5 RIGHT!! (I know that your much too carefull to ever blow a port on a computer, so am I, and I'v only blown two (PS COMMON YOUR GROUND LINES [from experiance])

Here are the addresses for the signals drawn out on that incredibly good diagram, described FURTHER DOWN.... :-)

port addresses

bit definitions

Yes that's right one of those signals is the strobe, you see that strobe line isn't like all the stobe signals out there, you see it DOSN'T go low every time you write data to the data lines, its a bit of a port, like any other bit of a port. The data lines are latched on the outputs, The inputs arn't latched in any way form or manner, I dont rember if any of the other outputs (like that strobe) are latched or not. Try EM!!!

Example of use in a basic program:
out(888, data)

Example of use in a C program:
outportb(0x378, data);

There are no spelling erors in this, my room is declared as a seperete country in wich the rules of spelling are difrent. I don't take responceability for you getting in trouble for taking apart other peoples computers for partz. If ya blow your ports becuase of not commoning the grounds, feel bad, 'cause i already told ya too!! I do make mistakes, and if there is one in a schematic i have provided you have my permission to write me a mean letter.

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