description of mega16 template file and translation to 2313
asm crash course notes
avr studio misalignment - padding zero byte
avr addresses, addressing
bit bang ram chip avr
avr ext ram working
motor driver url
avr set fuse
CNC machine prime
buddy II software info
smps notes - inductors -
hooking up ram to avr
X,Y -> theta, R
at poweradapter description
logo urls, lots of em
c stomp orig
160A fets
working avrdude settings
avr simuator
the meaning of life
rue_mohr, read this too
setting avr fuses
adc_motctl analog motor control servo test
newbot steps per mm
ac inductors resistors math
cnc cadcam
link to building humanoid robot thing
serial debugging avr
register as school
amp-hour calcs
toner transfer etching circuit boards
386 robot howto
rifraf's magic toner transfer printer model
dont forget to order KC003T-ND from digikey
manchester library
correct atmega32 fuses for 16Mhz
lfuse hfuse avr mega32 crystal jtag fuse settings
rues toner transfer suggestions
marked works
the day theBear fell in love with rues uart
I spell out buffered avr programmers
sheet metal gauge table
how to use fets mosfets
rifraf says there is no such thing as a cool doorbell, must prove him wrong.
5V supply 7805
ethernet bridging
group project 2
DTL 4 bit full adder
slop gcc define ifdef LINUX
tom says shut up, channel is dead for the rest of the day
web programmer
linux parallel port howto
fpga linxu howto xilinx
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ik book inverst kinematics
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isp programming
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printable encoders wheels opto
good robot kit
avr-i2c example stuff up a ways
i2c motherboard hacking
i2c range sensor ultrasoni
i2c toys
who to bug on i2c stuff
i2c stuff for automation
this is the answer for flyback every time he asks about 5V to 3.3V logic conversion, not that he listened then, not that he's listening now, and not like hes gonna listen later, but this is the answer
for god sake throw away the 555 and 556 chips already
$4 weather station
radar positioning ir robot absolute vector location
set baud rate from bash
rifraf makes headway
pneumatic engines
explaining pwm again
starter kit 7 popsicle stick servo
tom_L usb programmer avr link
hdd repair
6 servos on mega168 at 16mhz
jtaby passes test 1
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2008 ev thoughts
i2c translating bus buffer
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