EMCO CNC Operation
--- Setting up CNC machine for recieving a program.---

  1. -Turn on cnc machine (key switch)
  2. Press H/C
  3. Press -> (right arrow key)
  4. Enter 66
  5. Press INP
  6. Press INP

--- Sending program from mastercam ---
  1. Click toolpaths
  2. Click operations
  3. Click post
      "Active post" should be C:\MCAM8\MILL\POSTS\MPF1.PST
  4.  Check "Send to machine" box
    To check communications settings:
    1. Click "Comm" 
         'format' should be ASCII 
         'Port' should be COM1 
         'Baud rate' should be 300
         'Parity' should be 'Even' 
         'Data Bits' should be 7 
         'Stop Bits' should be 2 
         'Handshaking' should be 'Software'
    2. Click ok
  5. Click ok
  6.  WAIT  (machine will say 'PROGRAM BEING LOADED')

--- Running CNC program ---

  1. Press START
      machine will move to first position and stop (it wants you to check that it has the right tool)
  2. Press START
      machine will finish program or stop when it needs a new tool